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A 45 years old female patient came to our clinic with a chief complaint of severe pain, hard and firm swelling on the lower right side of the jaw since 3 days. Patient was restless but cooperative.

On examination we found an extraoral swelling involving right side of the face extending from lower border of the mandible to infraorbital region of the face. Swelling was firm, hard and localised. Patient had fever for last 2 days. Mouth opening was restricted to 5mm. On itraoral examination there was a grossly decayed tooth wrt 47 and proximal deep dental caries wrt 48. Both teeth were tender on percussion with vestibular tenderness. It was a classical presentation of space infection, involving the ipsilateral lymph node.

Patient was given an intraoral mandibular nerve block and 47 tooth was extracted to drain out the pus and RCT was initiated with an access opening done wrt 48. After 3 days of follow up patient was completely asymptomatic and relaxed.