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Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry deals specifically with the oral care of children. It is very important for a dental surgeon to have training in child psychology, growth and development before treating any child. Primary teeth or milk teeth start appearing in mouth usually between 6-7 months.
However, permanent teeth eruption process starts between 6-8 years and all permanent teeth erupt by 12-13 years. Primary teeth are very important as they act as space maintainers for permanent teeth Bottle feeding should be avoided after 18 months age as this will prevent 'Baby-Bottle" tooth decay or rampant decay.
By the time children are 3 years old, they usually have a full set of 20 primary teeth, however there are 28-32 permanent teeth. Primary teeth shed off one by one between the age of 6-12 years and eruption process for permanent teeth takes place during this age ( 6-12 years) period.