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Crown Laminates Fixed Teeth

Crown is an artificial covering of a tooth-like structure called porcelain, which restores damaged tooth, replaces the missing tooth wall, thereby protecting and strengthening the tooth and preventing further deterioration. Situations when it may be necessary to place a crown are:

(A) Large decay
If a tooth has developed a decay so deep and large, that it weakens the tooth structure, a crown must be placed on the tooth to save it.

(B) Crack/Fractured Tooth
The teeth which are fractured or cracked because of large and deep decays are usually too weak to hold the filling. A crown will replace the missing tooth wall, strengthen it and thus restore the damaged tooth.

Fixed teeth prosthesis is a procedure which helps to replace missing tooth/teeth and hence prevent unwanted drifting of teeth or any jaw or gum problems thereafter, thus harmonizing the balance of dentition. Each tooth of our dentition is beautifully carved and shaped by nature and has been prescribed specific task to perform so that even if a single tooth is missing/ damaged, the total balance of the dentition is jeopardized. It will be difficult for us to chew if the molar teeth behind are damaged or smile confidently if front teeth are damaged. These problems can also multiply, may lead to bite problems, tooth decay, jaw pain or gum disease. Missing Teeth are replaced with fixed teeth by taking the support from immediate adjoining teeth by covering them. If the adjoining/ supporting teeth are decayed/ damaged, this procedure not only replaces missing tooth with fixed tooth but also protect the supporting teeth by treating them, re-structuring them timely ( In case of structure loss due to decay and eventually not only taking their support but also saving them for life by covering them with Crown/Laminates.